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Safe Beds For Pets

Almost one in four Australian women delay leaving a violent relationship

because of fear of what will happen to their pets.
Australian Bureau of Statistics (1996) Women's Safety Australia

In July 2010, Minister for Women and Minister for the Hunter, Jodi McKay, launched Safe Beds for Pets in the Hunter Valley and Hunter region and announced a $50,000 grant to support the RSPCA's vital program.

“Sadly pets are often the silent or forgotten victims in domestic violence situations,” Ms McKay said. “Safe Beds for Pets is an innovative and important program, which gives people the option of leaving domestic violence situations without fearing for the safety of their pets”.


Sadly, many abusers will threaten to harm a woman or child’s pets as a way to control them.  They may also harm the pets as a way to warn them that they will be next.

Many women are reluctant to leave their beloved pets to the mercies of their abuser, and therefore don’t leave the violent situation, or go back to care for their pets.

By giving women and children peace of mind about their pets, they are empowered to leave domestic violence.

Safe Beds For Pets will collect the animals from the house where you and your pets have been living without you having to be there. They will care for the pets until they’ve made arrangements for housing and safety.

All pets will be given a full veterinary examination and de-sexing is offered at a reduced fee.

Safe Beds for Pets may charge a fee, depending on your economic situation. All cases are assessed on an individual basis.


• Check if your family or friends can look after your pet.
• Check your pet’s vaccination records so you can let Safe Beds For Pets know if they’re up-to-date or not.
• Let Safe Beds For Pets know if your pet has any health problems
• Let Safe Beds for Pets know if your pet is taking any medication
• Provide as much information as you can about your pet’s behaviour. This will help get your pet settled more quickly.
• Keep in regular contact with Safe Beds for Pets so you can get updates on your pet’s welfare.
• Keep your pet safe by keeping the location of your pet at Safe Beds for Pets confidential.

To arrange for your pet(s) to be collected and cared for by
Safe Beds For Pets
contact CCDVCAS on 02 4321 0099

For more information on the Safe Beds For Pets program contact:
Ph: 02 9770 7525
All enquiries are confidential.