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Financial Assistance and Support


Financial counselling is a free community service to assist consumers who are experiencing financial problems. Many community and neighbourhood centres have financial counselors.

A financial counsellor works as a negotiator and an advocate on behalf of people who are at financial risk. The counsellor looks at your issues in a holistic manner, and will consider your social and health issues as well as your financial issues. They have knowledge of legal issues, however they’re not qualified to give advice on legal matters.

If you require food vouchers, assistance with electricity and water payments, furniture, clothing and household goods, personal counselling for family issues, legal advice and mental health services, they can give you referrals to those services.


As well as supporting and educating the you as discussed above, a financial counsellor can provide the following:

  • A full assessment of your financial situation, including regular income and expenditure, assets and liabilities.
  • Assistance in putting together a workable budget, spending and savings plan
  • Information as to entitlements to government forms of assistance.
  • Information and options for change and improvement.
  • Negotiations on your behalf with credit providers, government agencies and other business providers.
  • Information on credit laws, the debt recovery process, bankruptcy and other areas of legislation such as superannuation, insurance and harassment to name a few.
    • See below for contact information for Financial Counsellors.


      Centrelink understands that Domestic violence affects people from all walks of life.   Centrelink can discuss a range of options that are available to you if in a domestic violence situation, taking into account your overall needs and providing appropriate service.

      Centrelink offers confidential and private specialist services for your particular needs. They are commited to supporting women and children with domestic violence issues as quickly as possible. They can help you with payments and other assistance from Centrelink and direct you to other services in your community.

      Centrelink will

      • work to ensure your safety and look at extra ways to protect your privacy and confidentiality
      • ensure you get early access to any payments you are entitled to, so that you can support yourself and any children
      • sympathetically review your ability to meet your participation requirements
      • refer you quickly to people who are trained to deal with domestic or family violence issues and support services that help with housing, legal assistance, police, child care, counselling, education and training
        • Income support options from Centrelink can include Parenting Payment, Family Tax Benefit, Newstart Allowance, Disability Support Pension or Age Pension. There are also additional supports that you may qualify for including a concession card, Pharmaceutical Allowance, Telephone Allowance or Rent Assistance. Centrelink staff can also give you information about Child Support (maintenance) and Child Care Benefit.

          Centrelink has social workers on their staff who can speak to you confidentially and privately. They can help you with difficulties you may be having meeting some Centrelink requirements. They can also help you access other support services in the community including emergency accommodation and financial assistance, longer-term housing assistance, counselling, health and legal services.

          Crisis Payment from Centrelink
          A Crisis Payment is a special one-off payment to assist you if you have experienced domestic and family violence and have separated from the perpetrator. It’s designed to help you with extra costs involved in the separation process. It is equal to one week’s payment of the income support payment you are entitled to.

          You may be eligible for Crisis Payment if you:

          • are in severe financial hardship
          • have left your home and cannot return because of an extreme circumstance, such as domestic violence, and have set up or intend to set up a new home, or
          • remain in your home after experiencing domestic violence where the family member responsible has left or been removed from your home.
            • VERY IMPORTANT: You only have 7 days to request this payment from when you separate from the violent partner.

              Centrepay is an easy way to pay some of your bills. You’re in control of this service at all times. You can arrange with Centrelink for some bill payments to be deducted directly from your Centrelink payment. This can often include rent, electricity, phone and other regular bills, as well as payments on long-term debts. You can elect to have small amounts deducted every payment, so you’re not suddenly hit with a large bill.

              Se below for contact information and publications from Centrelink.


              There are a number of community service agencies on the Central Coast and elsewhere in Australia that can help with furniture, household goods and appliances, clothing, and vouchers for food and electricity. Some can also refer you to agencies which supply small interest-free loans for important household items. You may be charged a small fee for some goods, but many can be provided free for people who are escaping a domestic violence situation and have limited financial resources.

              CCDVCAS can help you with advocacy and referrals to these services. Refuge staff, social workers, and many other domestic violence services can also help you with referrals and advocacy to these services. You’ll find more information below.

              Vinnies and the Salvos have many services to help women and children with domestic violence issues including help with household goods, clothing, food and electricity vouchers. Their support workers can sometimes come to wherever you are. See below for their contact information.

              The Financial Counsellors Association of NSW can help you find a financial counselor in your area. Most neighbourhood centres can also refer you to a financial counselor.
              Phone: 1300 914 408

              Centrelink Information

              Crisis Payment call 13 1794 or 13 28 50
              Centrelink Social Worker call 13 1794
              Centrelink in a language other than English 13 1202
              TTY* payment enquiries Freecall™ 1800 810 586
              Centrelink Indigenous Call Centre: Ph 13 6380.
              To see printed information in other languages go to:

              Publications from Centrelink

              Are You A Parent Or Guardian?

              Needing Help in a Crisis

              Crisis Payment Form

              Help for people experiencing domestic and family violence brochure

              Crisis and Special Help page

              For Fact Sheets and other information in other languages at Centrelink go to:

              Vinnies (St Vincent de Paul Centre)
              Gosford: 02 4323 6081
              Wyong: 02 4353 1344

              Salvo Care Line
              Call centre Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 12:00pm; Visiting Mon - Fri: 12:00pm - 3:30pm
              1300 36 36 22

              Credit and Debt Hotline (Wesley Mission)
              1800 808 488

              Credit Line Budget Planner

              Consumer Credit Legal Centre (NSW) Inc
              Credit and Debt Hotline open Mon - Frid 9.30am - 4.30pm 1800 808 488

              Opportunity Shops on the Central Coast

              • Vinnies East Gosford, 81 Victoria Street EAST GOSFORD, NSW , 2250
              • Vinnies Gosford, 273-275 Mann Street GOSFORD, NSW , 2250
              • Good Samaritans, 125 Mann St, Gosford
              • Gosford Store Salvos, 348 Mann Street, GOSFORD 2250
              • West Gosford Salvos, 30 B Central Coast Highway, WEST GOSFORD 2250
              • Father Riley Op shop, Unit 2, 9 Brooks Avenue, WYOMING
              • Green Point Salvos, Shop 3, Green Point Shopping Centre, Avoca Dve, GREEN POINT 2251
              • Vinnies Kincumber Kerta Road, Shop 5 Kincumber Trade Centre Kerta Road KINCUMBER, NSW , 2251
              • Vinnies Kincumber Avoca Drive, Shop 3 & 4 Kincumber Shopping Centre 39 Avoca Drive KINCUMBER, NSW , 2251
              • Woy Woy Salvos, 74 Rawson Road, WOY WOY 2256
              • Vinnies Woy Woy, 41 The Boulevarde WOY WOY, NSW , 2256
              • ESTORE Op Shop, Berith St, Umina NSW 2257
              • Vinnies Umina, 344 West Street UMINA, NSW , 2257
              • Tuggerah Salvos, 182 Pacific Highway, TUGGERAH 2259
              • Vinnies Wyong, 124 Railway Street WYONG, NSW , 2259
              • Vinnies Wyong (Furniture Warehouse), 47 Howarth Street WYONG, NSW , 2259
              • Smith Family - Bateau Bay, 8 Community Road, Bateau Bay
              • Salvos Long Jetty Family Store, Cnr Anzac & The Entrance Roads LONG JETTY NSW 2261
              • Vinnies The Entrance, 11 Victoria Street THE ENTRANCE, NSW , 2261
              • Tuggerah Lakes Family Store, 28 Canton Beach Road TOUKLEY NSW 2263
              • Toukley Neighourhood Centre Op Shop, 358A Main Rd, East Toukley
              • Vinnies Toukley, 173 Main Road TOUKLEY, NSW , 2263